The pedal boat goes solar, yet still a pedal boat

The pedal boat is a staple of any lake outing. Whether it be with your class or as a company picnic, the pedal boat is a great way to get out on the lake, and for cheap. Now a design firm is looking to move forward with the pedal boat with this new design. It is an advanced pedal boat that includes a solar panel to take away some of the pedaling.

The center seating console does include a couple sets of pedals for those that do want to get down and dirty, but a top umbrella also includes a solar panel that charges a battery and provides a little propulsion for the pedal boat. You know, you always think a pedal boat is a good idea, until five minutes in and you are covered in sweat ready to dive into the alligator-infested water. At least this concept could help solve that problem. Click through to see a video of the boat.

Via Tuvie