Test Driving the iMiEV, Mitsubishi's electric car

Many of the "environmentally friendly" cars at the New York International Auto Show were concepts only, scheduled to hit the market in "2011" or, you know, never. Not so Mitsubish's iMiEV, a fully electric car that the company brought from Japan for the first time for journalists to test drive. The car's gas using (but efficient) cousin, the i-minicar, is already on sale in Japan, and the company plans to introduce the electric version to Japanese audiences in 2009.

Yesterday we got to test-drive the iMiEV around midtown Manhattan. The car was everything an electric car should be: quiet, fun and very easy to use even though it was a Japanese model with the steering wheel on the right (wrong) side of the car. Did we mention how quiet it is? So quiet. The car looks tiny on the outside but is fairly spacious on the inside: a company spokesman said that if it ever were to be sold in the United States Mitsubishi would probably make it wider. He also called it a "clown car." Here's hoping that Mitsubishi will bring the circus to the US soon.