Swiftpoint Slider mouse is great for miniature Photoshop work

You know how people who work on small crafts have small tools to accommodate said craft? It would seem the same idea would apply to small computer work now that the Swiftpoint Slider is here. This is about as small of a mouse as you can get it and it is designed to be a mouse, but it can also be held with a "writing style" grip presumably to act like a faux writing tablet. Just think of how useful this small of a mouse could be with tiny Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or even when Photoshopping pictures of small items.

With a peripheral of this size, it is only inevitable that it will be misplaced. Most commonly I would probably lose it underneath my keyboard or deep in the crevices of my laptop bag. I could also see the Swiftpoint Slider falling down the garbage disposal or easily being eaten by a dog.

Swiftpoint Slider, via Slashgear