Stairway to heaven, hell, or exercise in futility?

In the name of Fine Art, we present to you a stairway to nowhere. Start walking up this winding, twisting stainless steel staircase and you end up right back where you started. Sculptor Olafur Eliasson thought this artwork, which he calls Rewriting, would be a good idea, but we’re thinking it’s an exercise in frustrating futility. But it makes ya think. Could it be an observation deck? Perhaps it's a monument dedicated to those who spin their wheels all day.

Proprietors of global accounting firm KPMG, whose office building in Munich hosts this circuitous route to nothingness, must have wanted to make a philosophical statement about the futility of social climbing. Or maybe their constant number crunching reminded them of that immutable law of terra firma: What goes up, must come down. Run the numbers on this one, guys: It would have been cheaper to just walk up the Down escalator.

Via Freshome, photos by Christian Beirle