Spice up your cubicle with a DIY vinyl video game cabinet

You remember grade school when it all came down to who had the coolest locker? The same time of mentality obviously applies in adulthood and with cubicles. Everyone seems to think they have the coolest cubicle style, but if you really want to go out it's all about decorating your own quirky items like the Soopa. The Soopa is a little vinyl toy that is designed to lack design. In other words, it comes blank so you can decorate it yourself with your office-supplied markers and pens.

Mary in accounting and Jon in IT will be green with envy. They may all have the same bobblehead from the local sports team or The Office, but you will have a a custom decorated Soopa miniature arcade cabinet. Then again, if you have to worry about cubicle style to impress your co-workers, it may be time to re-evaluate your priorities in life. The Soopa is currently available for $30.

Via Geekologie