Solio Magnesium Edition upgrades your green factor

You remember the Solio? That unfolding fan-shaped solar panel that charges up your cellphone, iPod and most other portables? Well, the gadget's getting a long-overdue upgrade: the Solio Magnesium Edition. Gotta hand it to the Solio guys — they sure like science-y names. The Solio Mg (seriously, that's what they call it) has better specs than the original Solio, able to absorb enough energy from sunlight in an hour to give your cellphone 25 minutes of talk time. Its output of 8 watts is said to be three times that of the old model. And it supposedly can hold its charge for a year. Nice.

You can get the Solio Mg from the company's website for the tidy sum of $200. You may as well — it'll take them forever to come out with the Strontium Edition.

Via Solio