Sidam Xnovo, a zippy three-wheeler with your choice of gas, hybrid or electric power

As gas prices get higher and higher, Europeans build vehicles that are smaller and smaller. This three-wheeled Sidam Xnovo is more motorcycle than car, leaning with the turns and offered in enclosed and open-air versions. The first iteration will run on gas, but there are hybrid and electric models with separate motors on each back wheel in the offing as well. Pretty cool for a mere tricycle.

We thought that tiny Toyota iQ techno-car was small, but this Xnovo is even tinier, blurring the line between scooter and automobile. Dangerous, yes, but if everyone on the road drove such puny vehicles, we’d all be on the same footing (well, until a delivery truck comes along). This mini motor scooter ships later this year, but it’s not going to be cheap, clipping its vulnerable but fuel-saving riders for $12,306 a pop.

Via The Biker Gene