Seven Alarm Clock knows when you are sleeping, knows when you're awake

Finally, here’s an alarm clock smart enough to sense your reaction to its plaintive and intrusive morning cry. Designer Joel Escalona put together Seven, a concept deemed clever enough to win a Volvo for Life Design Award. It wakes you up to your favorite mp3 music file, showing you the outside temperature and humidity at the same time. If its motion sensor detects your continued inactivity, it raises the volume level of that music a few notches, until you’re finally roused from your death-like slumber.

Sure beats the abusive alarm clocks we’ve seen honking their way into the gadget world lately. For example, the most startling we’ve seen is the loud-as-dynamite Sonic Bomb, scaring you awake. Or how about the most annoying, Clocky, with its wheels that allows it to scurry away, bleeping all the while until you finally find it? You could use The Force to wake you with this Darth Vader alarm, or there’s a sideways alarm that clings to the wall at an easy-to see angle. The list goes on and on, but even with that hilarious William Shatner tune cued up in the pic above, we like the Seven best.

Joel Escolona Design, via New Launches