Runt stun gun, minuscule as a matchbox, packs powerful punch

This mini stun gun, called The Runt, is about the size of an iPod nano, but can smack you down with so much voltage you’ll think you got hit by a truck. The 950,000-volt version ($69.95, pictured above right) is a mere 3.5 inches tall, and even has a retractable plug that lets you recharge it on the go, necessary after you’ve fired it 300-500 times.

Huh? Let’s hope nobody goes around firing such a thing hundreds of times. This trend toward casual use of stun guns is, getting, uh, a bit stunning. Sure, it’s better than shooting each other, but a stun gun the size of a matchbox is just a bit too easy to conceal, and will probably encourage a whole lot more shocking incidents than we can bear. Maybe most people will go for the lower-power 350,000 version of this tiny Runt, selling for $39.95. But hey, just keep the stun guns at home, bro!

, via Oh Gizmo