Robo Vacum isn't powered by USB, up is down, 2 + 2 = 5, Elvis really is dead

When I first saw the Robo Vacum, I knew I had the next big USB gadget for the world to drool over. I quickly looked over its features: robot-shaped, movable arms, crumb compartment (so stay away from liquids), pop-open top for easy cleaning, small body to keep on your desk and two AA batteries for — wait. Batteries? Batteries? Really? Consider my mind blown.

While it might not be a robot or know that it's really a vac-uum, it's charming nonetheless. You can doom your own Robo Vacum to a lifetime of scooping up Hot Pocket crumbs, Cheeto shavings and clumps of dust for only $20.

Via WowZzers!