Retro GPS radio won't let you get lost on the way to the classic car show

I love classic cars and even own a couple of them, however, there are a few car gizmos that we tend to take for granted these days that simply weren't invented a few decades back. Becker Autoradio has been supplying radios to some of the finest European car manufacturers since the 1950s, but now they have solved at least part of this problem. The Becker Mexico 7948 might look like one of their classic pinstripe models from the '60s and '70s, but this one includes modern features like turn by turn GPS navigation, voice recognition control, an MP3 player, iPod interface, and internet access.

The price? A cool 1495 Euros (about $2300). This model is for Europe only, but a US version is being developed and should be out this summer

From Harman Becker