Remote control lawn watering device ensures a green but lazy thumb

Daylight savings time is upon us, which means the weather is getting warmer and spring is on its way. If you have a lawn it's time to get back into that green thumb mentality that hibernates over the winter. One possible item that might make having a green appendage a bit easier is this remote control lawn watering system.

This system includes a device that attaches between the water hose and the faucet and a key fob. Just turn on the water at the faucet and when you are ready to water the lawn push a button on the key fob and the rest is magic. Push the button again when you are ready for it to stop. It's easy and saves you the hassle of actually having to go outside. I can't wait until I am a homeowner and can be this lazy. It's going to be great! This remote control watering system is available for $70.

Remote Rain Water Control, via bookofjoe