Refillable hair wax container and air freshener combo won't stop oceans from rising

Meet the Waxpod, a new concept design from an exhibit called "UseLess" that encourages people to do just that. It's a hair wax container that comes with "refill pods." Additionally, it has room at the bottom to hold refillable air freshener cartridges. It's certainly a creative combination.

While we love ideas that are good for the environment (including encouraging refills), in this case we have to wonder if there isn't a better way. For example, you could just sell the refills. Unlike razor blades, which are useless without their handle, small plastic hair wax containers are just as good without the larger decorative container. And while it is true that many hair wax containers are "beautifully designed, packaged, and resource-intensive containers," some just come in cheap metal shoe-polish style tins. Finally, hair wax and air fresheners are two products that we've never owned or been tempted to buy. How environmentally friendly is that?

via GreenHouse Effect