Razer Salmosa gaming mouse responds too quickly for earthlings

Okay you twitchy gamers, here’s a gaming mouse that just might be faster than you are. The Razer Salmosa has a lightning-quick 1ms (that’s millisecond for mere mortals) response time, faster than any game, display, and certainly quicker than any player. And if you're not into gaming, this thing will certainly help you blaze through those TPS reports with aplomb. The $35 pointing device has special quick-response buttons along with its respectably accurate 1800 dpi infrared sensor, assuring you that the next time you get pwned, it’ll be your fault — so no more blaming your equipment.

If you’re so fast you can turn off the light and then get into bed before it gets dark, the Salmosa might be just the mouse for you. If not, this ultra-speedy peripheral’s August ship date should give you plenty of time to hone your response time to do it justice. Too bad all that fancy green laser lighting isn’t included, because the Razer Samosa’s accompanying graphics and press materials appear to be far more attractive than the product itself.

Razer, via "CrouchGear"