Quantys Solar Clock has smoke alarm, too

Here’s a wall clock that gets all its power from the sun. Charge up its batteries once a year, and it’s good to go, staying accurate by syncing up with the atomic clock. Besides looking way-cool and protecting you from late-night house fires, it’s quiet, with none of that nocturnal ticking that starts sounding like a time bomb after an hour of attempting to get to sleep.

alarmclock2.jpgWe were just thinking this would be the perfect clock to awaken you to the apocalypse, with its smoke alarm to alert you to the powerless, burning world crashing down around you. But too bad it’s not an alarm clock — if that’s what you’re looking for, Quantys makes one of those, too (pictured at right, available in three spiffy colors), solar but sans the smoke alarm. While your money’s still good, might as well sacrifice $122 for this fancy wall clock or $62 for its alarm clock brandmate.

Quantys, via Unplggd