PowerCube 6000: a plentiful, 'portable,' green power generator

The PowerCube 6000 is a standalone power generator powerful enough to offset your home's power needs with green energy. It's also portable enough to keep things running like food carts or temporary kiosks — provided you've got a forklift handy to lug it.

The 'Cube uses three 200-watt solar panels and can produce 3,500 watts of continuous power, a little less than a third of how much continuous power the average American uses. The PowerCube also has six internal battery it can keep charged in the face of overcast weather, is watertight, and is billed as being noise, heat and emission-free.

Green doesn't mean cheap, however. Each PowerCube will set you back $25,000, but if you've been saving those pennies, you could buy a few 'Cubes and combine them for even more green energy output.

PowerCube, via CleanTechnica, via Inhabitat