Plane-shaped hanger moves your love of air travel out of the closet

Is your closet looking a little… static? Your clothes just hanging there, never moving, no excitement? The Plane Hanger adds a taste of motion to your storage. Shaped like a silhouette of a 747, the black-painted wood hanger shows off your love of air travel. It's really meant to be displayed, though, so get it out of closet duty and hang it on your wall. Or if you want to be really clever, use it for your formal wear in your checked luggage. The little engines on top can even hold your ties!

Made by Cactus Design in Japan, the Airplane Hanger is a design project, so you probably can't buy it. Contact the Cactus people if you really want one — or just make one yourself, lazybones, Hangers ain't that complicated.

Via Cactus Design