DVICE TV: Panasonic's new plasma TVs are Wiimote-proof

We knew that Panasonic made the Toughbook, but yesterday the company showed us that its plasmas can withstand a beating as well. No, you can't pour water all over them, but if you accidentally hurl your Wiimote at the screen it won't be such a disaster that you'll want to post the footage here.

The video above is of a one-joule shock test that this particular plasma model has withstood thousands of times. The screen isn't even scratched. According to the company, all of its 2008 plasmas can withstand impact of up to four joules of kinetic energy thanks to a special coating on their glass fronts. That's probably good enough for most Wiimote throwers, but we wouldn't put one of these things behind a pitching mound. On the other hand, how fun would it be to take one of the company's 150-inch models and use it as a handball court?

Via Panasonic