Palette-Digital Artist, a hand-held PC for les artistes

Here’s a design concept that old-school artists who wear berets and paint with palettes will like. The gorgeous Palette-Digital Artist is an entry into the Microsoft NextGen PC Design Competition for 2008. It's a handheld touchscreen PC, and looky there, it has a thumbhole for easy handling.

This stylish design will give you that painterly feeling that's sorely lacking with conventional computers, letting you digitally paint your masterpiece with a special stylus while holding your digital palette in your hand. Hey, this could be just like the good old days.

Of course, all the connections for the Palette are wireless, but we were surprised to see an old-timey spinning DVD drive designed into the mix. Despite its odd-shaped screen, we’re thinking this shape makes sense for more than just painting. Beautiful.

Microsoft NextGen, via Gizmo Watch