The Light provides supersize lighting fun at the cost of your health

Touch The Light is an interactive work of art in Osaka, Japan. At the top of the KEPCO building is a large circular lighting fixture. Stationed one kilometer away is a 1/100 scale model of the KEPCO lighting fixture. When a person (or even the wind) touches the scale model lighting fixture a technology called liv-lit (Lighting as Live Reflector) replicates the effects on the full-size scale structure on the top of the KEPCO building. Liv-lit transmits the data via Wi-Fi.

It sounds like a really fun object, except for germaphobes. The installation is reportedly touched by 5,000 different people every year. Maybe I'm just a little paranoid, but I'm not about to place my hands on something groped by thousands of people. It makes me cringe thinking about it. Now maybe if the scale model had a box of latex gloves or industrial size bottles of Purell close by, that would be a different story.

Touch The Light, via MAKE