Optimus Mini 3 Keypad brings the 'wow' back to gadgets

At this point, in the age of the iPhone, it takes a lot to wow someone with a gadget. It used to be that a RAZR could draw a crowd, but these days there are very few gadgets out there that are unique and cool enough to make people take notice. The Optimus Mini 3 keypad might just be one such object.

Taking the presentation clicker to the next level, the Mini 3 has three buttons, each with a small OLED screen that changes dynamically. That means your email button could show how many new emails you have unread, or the button to go to the next slide could show a preview of what is to come. Such flashiness won't come cheap, however, with the to-be-determined price sure to make you think twice about impressing the neighbors.

Art Lebedev Blog, via TFTS