Oppo's new DVD player upconverts, ups the ante

The best-selling disc players aren’t high-def models like Blu-ray machines — they're upconverting DVD players. Those are regular DVD players that sport an HDMI output for easy connection to an HDTV (HDMI carries both audio and video). Oppo has been the standard-bearer of this technology for a while, and today they announced a new model, the DV-983H. This one doesn't just upconvert; it also delivers Dolby Digital 7.1-channel sound and scales up images to 1080p with Anchor Bay’s VRS (Video Reference Series) technology, said to deliver better video than previous models.

I've personally tested Oppo's DV-980 and DV-981. Both of them proved to be excellent, but I've got a question for you, Oppo: Isn’t the $400 price point close to that of a Blu-ray player, which can also upconvert DVDs to 1080p? Why wouldn't I just get that?

Via Oppo Digital