One of these days Alice— when you're dead— Bang, zoom! To the moon!

Have you ever threatened to send someone to the moon, Honeymooners style? Or maybe you have a loved one who really wants to go to the moon. Now you can send a your favorite (or least favorite) deceased relations to to the moon after their death with a company called Celestis, Inc. The company already sends cremated remains into space, but announced recently that it will start sending small capsules of ashes to the moon with robotic lunar landers. The cost for a battery-sized tube of ashes will start around $10,000. It's expensive, but not a lot costlier than turning your favorite relative into a Life Gem. And if you're really flush, there's no reason you won't have enough ashes to do both! There may even be some extra ashes to turn into printer ink.

All these exotic destinations for remains sound a little, well, loony to me. But we bet there are enough people out there interested in populating the moon with their ashes that Celestis, Inc. will be making some serious money very soon with its sinister lunar missions.

Reuters, via New Launches