Notcot designers create magic hanging grill concept

As the first hints of spring creep up into our consciousness, grill designers are getting ready for the upcoming barbecuing season with some creative concepts. Here’s what the outdoor grill of the future might look like, a pendant hanging from the porch roof with a touch control to open it and fire it up.

The kicker? This hanging garden of eatin’ is made of special high-temp ceramics and powered by wireless electricity (Witricity), using a concept known as evanescent wave coupling. Just don’t stand too close to the thing while cooking in high winds or it could swing like a pendulum and burn your leg. You think that’s wild? The Notcot designers who dreamed up this thing have an ever farther-out idea: Click Continue for a look at an indoor version using this same tech:


If it's raining outside, bring your cookery indoors with this versatile heating device. This free-standing radiator bends in half, and then its heating elements really warm up to a temperature hot enough to fry an egg — literally. You can tell how hot the “smart fire jack” elements are by their color, or read the handy numeric display. Whatever its temperature, it's hot and cool at the same time.

Notcot, via Born Rich