Nixie wrist watch is impractical, but we want one anyway

We’re big fans of Nixie clocks, using old Nixie ("Numerical Indicator eXperimental") tubes from the pre-LED/LCD era and turning them into unique timepieces. Now we’ve found another Nixie wristwatch (here's the first one we saw), created as a gag gift but serving as an intriguing juxtaposition between old-school tech from 1968 and modern miniaturization.

We especially like the flourish of the Krusty Brand battery, with its enthusiastic “Hey Hey Kids!” slogan calling out to all (it’s a home-made label on a standard AA battery). This watch, a one-of-a-kind model that sold for $495, is much too big to actually wear with a straight face, but we’re thinking there just might be a mass market for such a thing.