Night Vision glasses by Tag Heuer gives you eyes of an owl

The problem with seeing stuff in the dark is the lack of contrast. That’s what these bad boys from fancy watchmaker Tag Heuer aim to tame, jacking up the contrast to give you better night vision using tech developed for the 24-hour LeMans auto race. You’re not going to be seeing as well as a cat, dog or deer does at night with these specs on, but they’ll certainly improve upon the human eye’s paltry night vision capabilities.

Paltry? Just to give you an idea, only 10% of the light entering our eyes falls on the photosensitive parts of the retina, so we need all the help we can get. No, these aren’t the night vision scopes that soldiers use — those would be far too bulky to look this cool — but these titanium frames with their anti-reflective lenses will fit perfectly under that crash helmet you wear for those night racing sessions.

Tag Heuer, via Jalopnik