Motorola brick phone concept has dual cameras

This Motorola cellphone concept is the work of Lysandre Follet, a designer from Paris. At first look the cellphone is pretty standard and it includes a multimedia player, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., but after further investigation it's revealed that the cellphone has two cameras.

Cellphones that have a camera on the frontside and backside isn't too uncommon, but two cameras, side-by-side, on the back is just a little wacky. What's the purpose of having side-by-side cameras? You could put a red transparent gel over one lens and blue over the other to create some pretty sweet 3D style pictures. One camera could be set up for video and the other for pictures for multitasking. I wonder if using side-by-side cameras could create 3D pictures somehow? Regardless, this phone looks pretty snazzy, but the dual cameras and even more so the dual flashes is a little curious.

Via SlipperyBrick