MJW watches influence your life more than you'd like

The average watch wearer looks to his wrist for the current time only, but a new watch from MJM is taking time-keeping to a new, blunt and extremely accurate level. The Accurate is a watch that contains a mirrored face and a cute little statement written on the hour and minute hands. When you look at the watch you see yourself and are reminded that you will die, at least eventually.

The Accurate isn't the only watch from MJW that tries to influence your life. A watch called the Mantra features an alternating positive statement and negative statement like "you're blessed" and "nobody likes you." It alternates every hour. The MJW Decider is a watch that helps you make decisions by highlighting "yes" or "no" randomly, so when you have a question you can just look to the watch for an answer. MJW watches are available for $145.

MJW Watches, via BBW