MiniGod speakers look amazing, but how about the sound?

The age-old conundrum of deciding between something that's highly functional or highly stylish is back again, but this time it's in the speaker department. This is kind of like deciding between the classic supercar and something a little more fuel-efficient.

Here is the MiniGod, a limited-edition speaker system designed to be paired with a computer or audio player. It's obvious the MiniGod has a tiny speaker and includes an amplifier. The fact that it only requires a 9V battery to operate proves the speakers aren't the highest quality, but on the other hand this thing looks cool as hell. Just imagine it sitting on your desk warding off the bad demons of the nine to five cubicle life.

On the other hand, would you rather opt for something that doesn't look nearly as cool, but definitely sounds better, like the Logitech Z10s? Sorry, MiniGod. You're mighty cool, but high-end audio will always reign supreme. The MiniGod speaker is available with prices in the $120 range.

MiniGods, via CraziestGadgets