Mini Cooperites are the 'friendliest' car owners

Every time I see one of those Mini Coopers on the road here in Texas, I'm amazed it hasn't yet been crushed under the weight of a monster pick-up, mistaking it for a speed bump. But these little matchbox-sized cars are multiplying by the minute, and now we know why — Mini Cooper owners are
social-networking fiends. Yes, according to a new Carcraft study, Mini Cooper drivers are the "friendliest" of all drivers, and more than 20,000 of them are socializing in 300 different groups on the Web.

Using sites like Facebook, Mini Cooperites are meeting up around the clock, no doubt sharing stories about how cool their cars are, and probably even trading some car porn shots. The study also reports that "It is interesting to see that cars are not only viewed as a symbol of wealth and status but they are increasingly becoming a crucial part of people's identity and social life." Hmmm, I wonder what it says about my social life that I'm still driving a beat-up minivan with a Cheerios-encrusted carpet.

via Autoblog