MindwireV5 takes gaming to a shocking new level

A new accessory from a British gaming outfit is taking gaming to a new, scary level by incorporating electric shocks. The MindwireV5 is a device that works with most current PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and PC games that support traditional force feedback. The system includes five adhesive pads that stick to your arms, legs and stomach. Upon force feedback from the game, the MindwireV5 will administer electrical shocks to the areas. It's not too severe shocks because the system is compared to the TENS and muscle toning machines used for fitness.

The system is available for $200 from the manufacturer. You know, I've never been one to pay for physical pain and anguish, but this sounds like a fun kind of a device. As a personal tip, I would avoid playing Gears of War with this device on. That game is known for excessive use of force feedback.

Via Geeky-Gadgets