Mile-high London tower reminds us of that song about bridges

Popular Architecture designed this mile-high "eco-friendly" tower to be located in East London (not to be confused with this mile-high building designed for the Middle East). The London tower would stand 500 stories tall and house over 100,000 people, in addition to having room for schools, hospitals and stores. The building is also peppered with 20-story high "holes," public spaces containing public gardens and swimming pools.

And how, exactly, is this behemoth eco-friendly? According to its designers, "the tower would allow the city’s population to expand without significant impact to the architectural fabric on the ground." That may be so, but we can't imagine that any possible benefits would outweigh the energy and material costs (not to mention the dangers) that would be involved in building the tower.

Fortunately, the design is just a concept for now, a concept that we think Britain is unlikely to support, despite designers' claims that developers are interested.

Popular Architecture, via Inhabitat