Microsoft's MySong decides that computers make better artists than people

Microsoft knows art. It also knows that humans are weak creatures that need machines to create perfect things. So its new MySong software only makes sense: it takes the human error out of making art. How's it work, you ask? Well, you simply sing something into a microphone and the software will crap out some music to go along with it. It'll allow people who know nothing about music to create full songs with complete instrumentation, finaly!

Just imagine the masterpieces that'll come out of this! The guy singing like he's in a metal band with a jazz piano underneath. The sultry female lounge singer who has jazz piano under all her songs. The rapper who raps over jazz piano for some reason. It's sure to skyrocket all of these things right to the tops of the charts where they belong, because hey, nothing says "creative expression" like being too lazy to learn your art and having a computer guesstimate it for you. Nice work, Microsoft.

istartedsomething, via Geekologie