Microjoule competition car gets amazing 8,923 miles per gallon

Planning a road trip? The Microjoule can make the journey between New York and Los Angeles over three times on just one gallon of gas.

Amazingly the Microjoule doesn't have any fancy tricks — it's just an aerodynamic, lightweight one-seater that runs off gasoline, but runs for a long time.

The Microjoule isn't necessarily new. The projected started in 1985 as an entry to the Shell Eco-Marathon, where cars compete to go the farthest on the least amount of gas, and it has won the competition every time since 1992 and broke the world record for the most miles-per-gallon six times.

A team of students from St. Joseph La Joliverie, a technical school in France, will take the MicroJoule to the Shell Eco-Marathon track at the French Nogaro Motor Circuit this year.

Shell Eco-Marathon, via Inhabitat