MiBody analyzing scale provides too much information

The one statistic that a scale provides is scary enough as it is, so who in their right mind would ever want to know other stats like your body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI and BMR. Not only does it give you more information you don't want, the MiBody has USB connectivity to take all of the statistical information and transfer it to a computer so it can taunt you even more. I'm mighty disappointed in the lack of wireless. We're lazy here, why should we have to deal with data transfer for our weight loss goals. Oh wait, maybe that is why we need a MiBody—we're too lazy to even do data transfer from a scale.

If you do get around to transferring the data from the MiBody to a computer, it can track weight loss and gain, includes user profiles and other features that can help with healthy lifestyle choices. It's available for $120.

MiBody, via ShinyShiny