Manfrotto carbon fiber tripods are as sexy as an accessory can get

Manfrotto is no stranger to tripods and other unique types of digital camera accessories. The latest product to grace the Manfrotto line is the carbon fiber line of tripods. Sure, on paper a tripod sounds pretty ordinary, but take a look at this beautiful work of digital-camera-accessory art and judge for yourself.

Pictured is the Manfrotto PRO4, the highest end of Manfrotto's three new carbon fiber tripods. While carbon fiber looks pretty sexy, the true purpose of the material is for weight purposes. None of the new tripods weigh more than three pounds, which could be a saving grace for a photographer or videographer. The downside is the price. Carbon fiber isn't cheap and neither is Manfrotto tripods. Prices for these start at $250.

Via Crunchgear