Mad scientists implant surveillance gear in live moths

It’s awfully difficult to build a flying robot with spy gear built in, so why not just implant that paraphernalia in a living bug? Scientists are making progress on the idea of a cyborg butterfly, with a Georgia Tech professor figuring out how to make longer-living SpyBot insects by implanting various micro sensors that can detect sounds or gases while the critters are in their larval stages. Then, they grow up and around the micro-mechanical electronics, resulting in a cyborg insect that looks like any normal moth.

Now the problem is how to control the mini-monster. The researchers are working on that. The idea is to electrically stimulate the poor bug, steering it toward its quarry like a remote-controlled airplane. Another idea is to somehow project the scent of a girlie bug so this unfortunate creature will chase after the phantom paramour. Hey, as long as they don’t try this on people, we’re cool with it. But really, is this science fiction, or what?

Via Danger Room