Los Angeles billboards to display breaking news

BREAKING! This is a phrase that will soon be plastered all over billboards around the Los Angeles area. Digital billboards are far from new, but the idea of updating billboards on the fly with breaking news is a new concept being tested out in Los Angeles over the next 10 weeks. Unfortunately, the billboards are still unable to display video (wouldn't that be cool to see your own high-speed chase while flying down the highway?), but the 10-color LED displays still allow for decent looking images and text.

The billboard content is at the full control of the Los Angeles Times. An interface allows Times employees to update the billboards on the fly with breaking news and information. A total of 10 billboards will be running this breaking news service and it will consist of rotating headlines and advertisements during times without breaking news. The billboards are maintained and operated by Clear Channel Outdoor.

Hollywood Reporter, via CrunchGear