Los Angeles digital billboards hacked [Updated]

I hate to toot my own horn, but remember those Clear Channel digital billboards? They were recently hacked and changed to display the graffiti logo of the hacker, you know, just like I predicted would happen with Internet-controlled digital billboards.

The hacker, who goes by the name SKULLPHONE, hacked into Clear Channel's computer network that controls the content displayed on the digital billboards. The hacker then added his logo to the information and advertising that cycles on the digital billboards across the greater Los Angeles area. A total of 10 billboards received the SKULLPHONE treatment.

See, now if the Clear Channel folks had read DVICE a bit more closely, they wouldn't be dealing with a security nightmare right about now.

UPDATE: So it turns out that this is a hoax, and "Skullphone" had to pay Clear Channel for his day in the sun, er, smog. It wasn't a hack so much as, what? Fine art? A movie promotion? We'll let you know when we do. In the meantime, we still maintain that these billboards are hackable.