LED Glass Brick wins Red Dot Design Award

Imagine looking at an entire wall built of these LED Glass Bricks, with the square shapes of LED light stretching into infinity and colors changing in countless computerized configurations and patterns. The possibilities are mind-boggling. The Red Dot Design Awards for 2008 were announced last Friday, 3/14/08, and among the winners was this LED Glass Brick design.

Not much info was available about these gorgeous lighting and building materials, but if they work like we think they do, these mirrored glass blocks with a ring of LEDs around the inside probably won’t be used for a dance floor, unless it’s a very special kind of nightclub.

Although the winners of the award were announced last week, the awards ceremony won’t be taking place until June 23. The 2008 competition saw more entries than ever — 3203 — and of those, the international jury of 24 experts awarded the “Red Dot” quality label of good design to 676 of the entries, with 50 designs, including this LED Glass Brick concept, named “best of the best.” We’re hoping more information about this winning idea will be forthcoming soon.

Via Red Dot Awards