Lantern salt, pepper shakers great for a midnight snack

Normally I would be quick to jump all over a product like this. Putting a working LED lantern into salt and pepper shakers? Are you kidding me, but actually this odd tale of convergence is one that could be extremely useful in many situations. Take grilling for example—the bright white LED lights in these shakers could provide just the right amount of light when grilling in the dusk hours. What about a midnight snack? Sure, most people usually grab a cookie or something quick, but for those that enjoy whipping together a bit of a meal, the LEDs provide just the right amount of light to properly season that slab of midnight snack meat without blinding your eyes that are well accustomed to the darkness at that point in the night. Midnight picnic? Lock it up. The pair of $25 shakers are battery powered and available now from Home Wet Bar.

Mini Lantern Salt and Pepper Shakers, via nerdapproved