Kitchen concept remote is a floating, hands free way to control the tube

Bang and Olufsen make some pretty crazy remotes, but so far none of them creates the illusion of floating above the coffee table. And as far as we know, none controls the television without you having to touch it. This concept remote, as imagined by a Dutch design student for some future imaginary incarnation of B & O, turns the TV on and stands at attention with a magical, abracadabra flick of your hand. Without touching it you can raise and lower the angle at which it stands to adjust the volume. To change the channel, just swipe your finger through the hole in its center.

It's a pretty great concept— the designer imagines that it would be useful in the kitchen where you're likely to get your hands covered in cake batter. We think it would be even better if it came with the incredible floating hand that controls it in the video above.

Via YouTube