Kinetic Energy concept turns you into a walking, talking battery

The Kinetic Energy concept is a stylish, yet efficient way to always ensure that your gadgets are always juiced up. It's a small device worn on the ankle that will generate energy by your movement. Think of it as similar to those self-winding watches. As your leg moves it will generate electricity that can be dumped into gadgets at any given time. It is designed to be stylish and comes in a variety of colors to match any outfit.

The Kinetic Energy is the work of Wilma van Boxtel of Austrailia and despite the bland naming of the device, it looks like something that could be really useful to those always on the go. Of course, the device could easily be worn on the wrist, but while we are at it, why not just disguise the entire device as a watch? That way people won't question why you are wearing a strange prison-style ankle bracelet and it could double the efficiency.

Via Ecofriend