Kick-flush your home toilet with FootFlush

When you're in bathrooms of dubious cleanliness, at the Port Authority say, or at a rest stop McDonald's, we bet you sometimes flush the toilet with your foot. No harm in that. But what if you never, ever want to touch a flush with your hands? Foot flushing is usually kind of awkward at home, what with the small, awkwardly-placed and fragile handle. No longer! For $20, you can purchase FootFlush, a foot-pedal attachment that hooks to the flushing mechanism in your toilet bowl.

The presence of a FootFlush in your home might raise some awkward questions with guests, however, like, "Don't you wash your hands after flushing anyway?" and "Are you crazy?" But who are they to judge? Germaphobes will also appreciate these tips and this handless soap dispenser, another gadget that will bring you just a little closer to a hands-free bathroom experience.

FootFlush, via MSN