K2 Porcupine Flashlight blinds attackers, then rips them to shreds

Walking around in the dark can be dangerous, but this $129 K2 Porcupine Flashlight from PentagonLight ought to add a bit of confidence to offset those knocking knees. Not only is it fairly bright for a flashlight at 70 lumens, it has a retractable front end that looks like it could effectively rip up an attacker. Good thing that claw retracts when you’re not playing defense.

This one’s scary enough, but if you’re really looking to put the hurt on evil-doers, you might want this stun-gun flashlight in your other hand, and have this vomit-inducing flashlight ready to go, too. Oh, and if you want the brightest flashlight, check out this mofo that can toss a beam six miles away, or this one that can blind you and is hot enough to fry an egg. Sheesh. Just the possibility of these things existing might act as a deterrent.

PentagonLight via Wired News