iTam Tam, the iPhone dock that looks like a gong on a pedestal

When you’re not docking your iPhone or iPod into this iTam Tam, it looks like you can just dock your butt on it. But wait just a second. While it looks a bit like a stool, it’s not for sitting. Branex Design’s Eric Berthes shaped it like a tam tam, a type of gong from Asia, and it looks a whole lot like this traditional gong from the Philippines.

All that iconic imagery aside, its graceful form gives it plenty of room to develop some serious sound; too bad there’s just 25 watts driving each of its two channels. Your $570 takes it home in your choice of either black or white. Now if the company would just learn how to design a web site (just look at this mess), we could find out even more about it.

iTam Tam, via Branex Design and Born Rich