Is the regenerative electric bicycle lazy or green?

Thanks to the brilliant minds at Sanyo there is now a product that challenges two of the biggest competing movements out there: fitness and being green with the regenerative lithium-ion bicycle. Just introduced for the Japanese market is this electric bicycle from Sanyo. We've seen electric bikes before that are a bit of a crossover between traditional bikes and mopeds, but this opens up a new bag of chips.

The bike has a regenerative braking system. It operates like a traditional electric-assist bike, but when brakes are applying a motor uses the dispensed energy to recharge its lithium-ion battery.

This just seems like a two steps forward and one step backwards type of an upgrade. Overall, the bike has maximized its green capabilities, so putting a regenerative braking system on one is a bit overkill. And it increases laziness quite a bit.

Via Green Car Congress