Grand Theft Auto 4, Amazon team up for digital music downloads

In a unique new feature, the upcoming crime blockbuster Grand Theft Auto 4 will team up with Amazon to bring digital music distribution into the game. Since the music and radio stations have always been a huge and important part of the GTA universe, it'll allow players to buy songs they hear in the game from their character's cell phone.

When they hear a song they like, they'll pull up their phone and dial a special number. They'll then see what the song title and artist names are and will have the option to send it to their Amazon account. Later, when they go to their (real) computer, they'll have an email linking to an Amazon playlist with all the songs they selected in-game. The prices will be normal Amazon MP3 store prices, ranging from $0.89 to $0.99. Will the lawful purchase of music come naturally to the players of a game based around crime? Only time will tell.

Via Ars Technica