Glo pillow design gently wakes the body from slumber

The Glo pillow isn't the first time someone has tried to turn a pillow into an alarm clock, but this method sounds much better than others. The Glo pillow turns on an embedded LED 40 minutes prior to the designated waking time. It will slowly intensify in brightness until it is a full on. It does this to slowly ease the body out of the deep slumber. The slowness of the waking process doesn't shock the body clock into waking up therefore leaving the person extra groggy.

The Glo pillow sounds like an exceptional idea, but the change for problem is too significant. What about for those that toss and turn and end up with the pillow practically at their feet? Personally, my body clock keeps a pretty good tab on me and I use a basic radio alarm clock. What about you? Anybody else have problems waking up? What's the ultimate solution to the perfect awakening?

Via T2MS