Fisher & Paykel Izona CookSurface brings cooking with gas into the present century

Here’s the kind of crazy kitchen range that finds itself on the Short List of the Australian International Design Awards: The Fisher & Paykel Izona CookSurface lines up three spooky-looking burners in a row, eliminating that back burner that nobody wants to stretch over the hot front ones to use. When they’re not in use, the pot-support rods, gas burners and their controls disappear into the surface. With its 12-position LED heat indicators embedded within, the thing looks every bit as slick as those sexy electronic induction cooktops.

Sure, you’re short at least one burner in this three-in-a-row design, but Fisher & Paykel made each burner more precise with its Aero technology already in use on some of the company's other ranges, giving them a wider and more accurate range of temperatures. That means you can sear a steak in the pan and seconds later use the same burner to gently melt the butter to pour over it. Our mouths are collectively watering already.

Australian International Design Awards, via Born Rich